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Grey's Anatomy S12E3

I Choose You - Aired Yesterday

This episode doesn't have a summary yet.


Survivor (US) S31E3

We Got a Rat - Aired 2 Days Ago

Another castaway is voted out of the game.


Bones S11E2

The Brother in the Basement - Aired 2 Days Ago

Booth is still missing, but the team learns that Agent Miller has hidden information about his whereabouts and physical state. Meanwhile, a digital forensic scientist helps Angela try to decipher information pertaining to Boo...


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S17E4

Institutional Fail - Aired 2 Days Ago

A malnourished toddler is found wandering and leads police to another ill child from the same home. The investigation eventually lands the Department of Child Services in hot water. Meanwhile, Chief Dodds tells Benson to expe...


Supernatural S11E1

Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire - Aired 2 Days Ago

The Winchesters face their biggest threat ever as Sam and Dean must deal with the Darkness that has been unleashed. Castiel deals with the effects of Rowena's spell and recalls his brutal battle with Crowley.



Incognito - Aired 3 Days Ago

After a Marine is found murdered in Quantico hours after calling Gibbs to discuss a possible case, Bishop and McGee go undercover as a married couple to run surveillance on a Marine Lieutenant and his wife.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show S13E21

2015-10-06 - Aired 3 Days Ago


Switched at Birth S4E17

To the Victor Belong the Spoils - Aired 3 Days Ago

With Mingo's help, Daphne holds a fundraiser to help support a sign-language school in Mexico. Bay is livid when a student starts using her art to sell crude t-shirts. Regina deals with the repercussions of digging through Er...


Castle S8E3

PhDead - Aired 4 Days Ago

When the body of a local college fraternity student is found gruesomely murdered, Castle has to go undercover as a professor in order to gain access to the victim's world. However, he and Beckett soon discover that behind the...


Ncis: Los Angeles S7E3

Driving Miss Diaz - Aired 4 Days Ago

The NCIS Los Angeles team investigates a 20-year old Peruvian massacre after a well-known fashion model, believed to be one of the survivors, is now a potential target. Also, Kensi goes undercover as the model's assistant and...


Homeland S5E1

Separation Anxiety - Aired 5 Days Ago

Two years after Carrie Mathison's ill-fated tenure as Islamabad station chief, struggling to reconcile her guilt and disillusionment with years of working on the front lines in the "war on terror"; Carrie finds herself in a s...

Latest Comments

TV Shows>The Vampire Diaries>Season 07>Episode 1: Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take
catlady66User Rating:
fantastic show love it:-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^
TV Shows>The Vampire Diaries>Season 07>Episode 1: Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take
catlady66User Rating:
yay its back
TV Shows>The Originals>Season 03>Episode 1: For the Next Millennium
catlady66User Rating:
fantastic show love it:-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^
TV Shows>The Originals>Season 03>Episode 1: For the Next Millennium
catlady66User Rating:
yay its back :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd
TV Shows>Bones>Season 11>Episode 2: The Brother in the Basement
catlady66User Rating:
fantastic show love it:-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^
TV Shows>Longmire>Season 04>Episode 4: Four Arrows
bill85035User Rating:
Another good episode. The murderer of a young woman turns out to be a surprise at the end.
TV Shows>Law & Order: Special Victims Unit>Season 17>Episode 1: Devil's Dissections
saharaUser Rating:
Scary turn of events but there's all sorts of sick twists' in this world no matter the profession... Wow Amanda Rollins! Interesting episode despite the subject matter. Gr8 acting on the part of all cast members. =D>
TV Shows>Parenthood>Season 02>Episode 5: The Booth Job
bill85035User Rating:
Another look at the parents side of dealing with an affected kid.
TV Shows>The Bastard Executioner>Season 01>Episode 3: Effigy-Delw
kipsandersUser Rating:
great show
TV Shows>The Bastard Executioner>Season 01>Episode 1: Episode 1 Pilot
kipsandersNot Rated
great show

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